What Are Waterproof Backpacks?

There are times when you find yourself in a wet environment. It can be either water sports like rafting, kayak, stand up paddling, canyoning, boating, sailing etc… or just simply traveling to places with frequent heavy rainfalls. In either case you will soon start to worry how to protect your belongings. Clothes, documents, laptop, phone, camera, and other electronics. Things that can not get in contact with water.

Your best solution is a waterproof backpack. Waterproof backpacks are made out of special material that is 100% waterproof. Usually fabrics, even the best ones have small holes in between the fibers. These holes are in top of the line fabrics so small that they don’t let the water in but the let the air out making these fabrics breathable. Which is great for wearing. But in reality these kind of fabrics are never completely waterproof. With pressure or simply time they will start to leak. So for waterproof backpack you need something else. Fabric that is laminated so all these holes are closed making the fabric 100% waterproof, even if it is exposed to water for a really long time.

The next feature a top of the line waterproof backpack must have is absence of stitches. Needles make holes and even if these holes are later sealed in time water will get in. So the best backpacks are welded without using stitches. Then there is the closing of the backpack. The most tested and used is the roll down closure that stops the water from getting into the backpack.

And then, lastly it is the design of the backpack. Usually simple waterproof bags called also dry bags are just sacks with one main compartment. This makes them clumsy to use and to carry around. The best waterproof backpack will have waterproof zipped pockets to organize your belongings AND comfortable shoulder straps and hip belt for easier carrying. This way you will get a versatile backpack that can be used not only to throw your gear on to the boat but also for traveling, hiking, trekking, and even everyday life.

An even longer break

This time the break was even longer. To make up for it, here is a photo of a cute girl.

96Going surfing. This is what I have been doing while away. And mountain biking..even more than surfing. And some snowboarding, great powdery winter we had this year.

Anyways…till next time:)


How Fast Is Google When It Comes To Indexing?

It’s fast. It’s lightning fast. Especially if you have a WordPress blog. Not wanting to overburn this blog after a whole year of sleep but this was also a nice experiment on how fast will Google index new post on this blog that has been sleeping for a whole year with no new posts published, no new link gained, no nothing. And it was not a popular and authoritative blog in the first place. Heck – it only has 7 (SEVEN!!) posts excluding this one.

Well…it took Google exactly around 30 minutes to index these new blogposts. 30 minutes after 1 year of sleep. With no additional links or promotion done on this post, just the bult in pinging feature.

Oh…I’m lying…and the post also goes to a pretty lonely twitter account.

Testing Digi Article Blaster

What’s a Digi Article Blaster?

Digi Article Blaster is a wordpress plugin that sends articles to article directories right from your WordPress dashboard.

How Does It Work?

First you install the plugin.

Then you enter your capthca solving service details.

Then you enter an email and a pen name.

Then Digi Article Blaster makes accounts on a list of article directories.

Then you have to login to your email and click a few  confirm registration links (not very many).

Then each post in your WordPress gets a Spin and Blast Article button.

Then you press that button and go to another page where you enter some details and make some modification to the article.

You can add spinntax to the title and body of the article.

You can add some links and a resource box.

And then you press the blast button and Digi Article Blaster submits your article/post to article directories.

Does It Work?

It does send your article to article directories and you do get backlinks. For a few auto approve article directories you can see your submitted articles right away. So it works.

Does it work like does it have any impact on your rankings? Well…the title of this post is testing, so I don’t know yet. We will see.

Digi Article Blaster Tips

Just a few more thoughts – if you are going to spinn your articles and submit unique versions that are not the same as your original article then I think you don’t even have to install this plugin on every site you own. One is enough. Just go to the site with Digi Article Blaster installed and copy paste your desired article into blasting box and blast away. If you are going to submit your original posts then it’s the most convenient to install it on all the blogs where you will want to use it.

You can actually use it to submit any article you want. From not-Wordpress sites. From your friend. Whatever…think of Digi Article Blaster as an addition to you article marketing campaigns and not just as a wordpress plugin.

Importing RSS Feed Into Digg

Digg used to be the shit…the serves shattering source of traffic, the Digg effect source. But times change and now Digg is just a pretty awesome website that among other things lets you avto-post URLs from you site to it via RSS feed. All you have to do is to verify that you own the feed. And this is the reason for this post :).

Happy 2011

I just want to flood my website network with good wishes to everyone. Lots of love, health, happines, joy, luck, success and all the good things in the coming year. I wish you make that step you have been always thinking of.

How To Read Between The Lines Of Email Marketer Offers And What Is Their Latest Trick

If you have ever left your email on a squeeze page or some other opt-in offer you know them. As soon as you shared your (hopefully) spam email address you started to receive emails. People that send these emails are called list marketers and they say that the money is in the list.

This is how it works. You get people to sign to your list, agreeing that you spam them with your emails. Then send them regular newsletters some containing semi useful info with offers masked in between. Get them to buy stuff that you sell or are affiliated with and make money from every sale they make. If your list is big, if it is willing to buy, and if you know how to sell you can make good money doing this.

The art of persuasion in these newsletters is tuned to the finest detail. You might not notice it but there is a pattern that runs through all these emails. It goes something like this:

– I don’t usually do this…but there is something the really makes a difference and I have to share it with you…. (why is then every third email I get from you an offer to buy something??)

– OMFG, there is this crazy secret thing that just came out and I had to share it with you…it’s soooo exclusive and secret that I almost have to kill you because I told you… (why did I then get this offer from three different email marketers??)

– Oh, and this is NOT just some offer that every other self-proclaimed guru flings around, this one you can trust because it comes from me and as said I don’t usually promote these things… (but of course not, you are different from every other email marketer…in fact – you are a list marketer that does not want to make money from his list…you are like a virgin hooker)

– this thing is something that will: ________  (change the game/shatter your world/put your business on steroids/put you business on autopilot…) and it is the single most important thing that you can invest in (yeah, until the next one comes along… probably sometimes next month…)

– this is a limited time offer that will be over any time now (any time meaning – it will probably go on for as long as there is someone willing to give you money/forever/until the next game changer comes along)

– the price will go up any time, so hurry up and buy it now while it is still ridiculously cheap (meaning the price will stay the same as long as there is someone willing to give you money/forever/until the next game changer comes along)

– there are only 100 places/things/items etc… available (100 meaning as many as there are people that are willing to give you money/forever/until the next game changer comes along)

YOU are my friend and you get a special discount that no one else gets that expires in a few days (buy from me, and buy now)

These are all psychologically proven methods to influence peoples minds. Something is secret, I am special to get this offer, it’s scarce and I need to hurry, everybody wants it, it’s only available by this price for a few days… etc. This all screams BUY NOW :)!! And things like this actually DO WORK. Even if you know them like I do.

And the latest?

There is a strange sickness creeping around the list marketers circles. The symptoms are the loss of ability to use a computer at the level they you would expect from someone that makes a living doing this and deterioration to the level of my grandpa that turned on a computer for the first time last year. Suddenly all the list marketers became clumsy Alzheimer patients that don’t know how and when they sent their last email. It goes something like this (for the ease of using this template for your next list marketing email the template is equipped with spin tags… no need to thank me:) and please insert the product that you are trying to fling on the line __________ ):

Hi {name|gang|friend}!

Uh…{stupid|clumsy} me, I was so {busy|tired|drunk|on drugs|sick with Alzheimer’s} yesterday that I sent you the wrong email. People have {emailed me|written me|called me all the time to my home phone|came to my house and camped on the backyard and held up posters} and told me that {the link in my last offer didn’t work|that I gave you too much discount|that I have sent you a special offer only intended for my wife, kids and my dying grandpa}.

I am really sorry about that. I am making things right so I am posting this OMFG thing that will {rock your world|change the way you do your business|help you stay hard for hours} again… just in case you missed it the first time. I don’t usually promote these kind of things but {this one is different| this one is special | this one comes from a secret underground lab in Siberia where a good friend of mine has been developing software that will___ for the past 10 years and decided to share it with me first}.

There are only {100|10|3} items available and the offer should expire tomorrow but since {I was drunk| I was on drugs| I had Alzeimer’s yesterday} I decided to extend this offer until the next {Friday|Saturday|Sunday}.

After that {the price will quadruple|this offer will be over|the price will quadruple and this offer will be over and my Siberian friend will go back to his lab to work on v 2.0 of this _____ for the next 10 years so he can then sell another 3 copies of it}.

Act now and {put your business on steroids|change your future| Microsoft will pay 10$ to a dying blind little girl that can not walk for every item sold}.

Eternally your best friend,

you name.


Why MeeGo Sucks While I Still Kind of Love it – Review

MeeGo makes you wanna throw away your netbook...

MeeGo. What the hell? For you that don’t know it, MeeGoo is an operating system for netbooks and other small mobile devices. It used to be called moblin or something LOTR like that. Then they merged with Intel (I think?) and now we have MeeGo. The reason for this review is that MeeGo has just totally pissed me off. I mean, this is the best netbook OS out there if you don’t want to use your netbook for serious work. Which is not what it is meant for in the first place.

It’s fast!! Lightning fast. It boots in seconds and it’s ready to use right away. Screens change, slide, zoom in and zoom out instantly. It’s optimized for small screens. Etc.. And then the most basic thing just doesn’t work. Wi-Fi, wireless networking is unavailable. WHAT THE HELL?? I know this only happens with some netbooks and hardware combinations but still – it is called a NETbook. This is a OS for NETbooks. This bug has been posted again and again on MeeGoo forums and nothing changes. What the fuck guys!

This is worse that like if a half of your keyboard stopped working. Yeah, you know this is a great OS just keys from Q to P don’t work. Yeah, it’s been like that for a year or so. In the mean time we published 1.0 and 1.1 version and yeah we know, the Q to P keys still don’t work. But what the hell. WHAT THE HELL??? And even when I went through all the trouble of setting up my wi.fi on MeeGo 1.0. myself the darn thing didn’t update. Updates are ready, install… … .. … .. . . … . .nothing. So I installed the new version 1.1. to catch up and yeah, the wi-fi was gone and I am mad as hell just installin Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook edition. Which by the way found and connected to my home wifi network even before the installation began. Huh, it can be done?! LOL.

So long MeeGo.

What is IVLQ.com?

This is just a site where I post all sorts of interesting and uninteresting, useful and totally redundant things that happen while I:

  • kick through life,
  • use my mobile phone,
  • try to make a buck on the Internet,
  • build some websites and stuff,
  • cook a few simple meals for the people I love,
  • try to stay healthy and eat healthy.

Hand in hand with my people’s legacy I also tend to complain a lot :). So there will be some complaining done here also. What sucks, blows, and what’s gay. This is what you can expect, this is what you will get. Take it or leave it, there is a hidden agenda behing it all so I don’t really care.

Hm..to start the complaining right now – I hate when people say I don’t care…duh… you wrote all this stuff and now you are like I don’t care… that’s just preparing yourself in case you fail. And FAIL you will. In this sewer place that we call internet there is hard to stick your nose let alone your whole head above the drifting river of shit.

But there is a hidden agenda.