What is IVLQ.com?

This is just a site where I post all sorts of interesting and uninteresting, useful and totally redundant things that happen while I:

  • kick through life,
  • use my mobile phone,
  • try to make a buck on the Internet,
  • build some websites and stuff,
  • cook a few simple meals for the people I love,
  • try to stay healthy and eat healthy.

Hand in hand with my people’s legacy I also tend to complain a lot :). So there will be some complaining done here also. What sucks, blows, and what’s gay. This is what you can expect, this is what you will get. Take it or leave it, there is a hidden agenda behing it all so I don’t really care.

Hm..to start the complaining right now – I hate when people say I don’t care…duh… you wrote all this stuff and now you are like I don’t care… that’s just preparing yourself in case you fail. And FAIL you will. In this sewer place that we call internet there is hard to stick your nose let alone your whole head above the drifting river of shit.

But there is a hidden agenda.