Testing Digi Article Blaster

What’s a Digi Article Blaster?

Digi Article Blaster is a wordpress plugin that sends articles to article directories right from your WordPress dashboard.

How Does It Work?

First you install the plugin.

Then you enter your capthca solving service details.

Then you enter an email and a pen name.

Then Digi Article Blaster makes accounts on a list of article directories.

Then you have to login to your email and click a few  confirm registration links (not very many).

Then each post in your WordPress gets a Spin and Blast Article button.

Then you press that button and go to another page where you enter some details and make some modification to the article.

You can add spinntax to the title and body of the article.

You can add some links and a resource box.

And then you press the blast button and Digi Article Blaster submits your article/post to article directories.

Does It Work?

It does send your article to article directories and you do get backlinks. For a few auto approve article directories you can see your submitted articles right away. So it works.

Does it work like does it have any impact on your rankings? Well…the title of this post is testing, so I don’t know yet. We will see.

Digi Article Blaster Tips

Just a few more thoughts – if you are going to spinn your articles and submit unique versions that are not the same as your original article then I think you don’t even have to install this plugin on every site you own. One is enough. Just go to the site with Digi Article Blaster installed and copy paste your desired article into blasting box and blast away. If you are going to submit your original posts then it’s the most convenient to install it on all the blogs where you will want to use it.

You can actually use it to submit any article you want. From not-Wordpress sites. From your friend. Whatever…think of Digi Article Blaster as an addition to you article marketing campaigns and not just as a wordpress plugin.

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