What Are Waterproof Backpacks?

There are times when you find yourself in a wet environment. It can be either water sports like rafting, kayak, stand up paddling, canyoning, boating, sailing etc… or just simply traveling to places with frequent heavy rainfalls. In either case you will soon start to worry how to protect your belongings. Clothes, documents, laptop, phone, camera, and other electronics. Things that can not get in contact with water.

Your best solution is a waterproof backpack. Waterproof backpacks are made out of special material that is 100% waterproof. Usually fabrics, even the best ones have small holes in between the fibers. These holes are in top of the line fabrics so small that they don’t let the water in but the let the air out making these fabrics breathable. Which is great for wearing. But in reality these kind of fabrics are never completely waterproof. With pressure or simply time they will start to leak. So for waterproof backpack you need something else. Fabric that is laminated so all these holes are closed making the fabric 100% waterproof, even if it is exposed to water for a really long time.

The next feature a top of the line waterproof backpack must have is absence of stitches. Needles make holes and even if these holes are later sealed in time water will get in. So the best backpacks are welded without using stitches. Then there is the closing of the backpack. The most tested and used is the roll down closure that stops the water from getting into the backpack.

And then, lastly it is the design of the backpack. Usually simple waterproof bags called also dry bags are just sacks with one main compartment. This makes them clumsy to use and to carry around. The best waterproof backpack will have waterproof zipped pockets to organize your belongings AND comfortable shoulder straps and hip belt for easier carrying. This way you will get a versatile backpack that can be used not only to throw your gear on to the boat but also for traveling, hiking, trekking, and even everyday life.

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