Why MeeGo Sucks While I Still Kind of Love it – Review

MeeGo makes you wanna throw away your netbook...

MeeGo. What the hell? For you that don’t know it, MeeGoo is an operating system for netbooks and other small mobile devices. It used to be called moblin or something LOTR like that. Then they merged with Intel (I think?) and now we have MeeGo. The reason for this review is that MeeGo has just totally pissed me off. I mean, this is the best netbook OS out there if you don’t want to use your netbook for serious work. Which is not what it is meant for in the first place.

It’s fast!! Lightning fast. It boots in seconds and it’s ready to use right away. Screens change, slide, zoom in and zoom out instantly. It’s optimized for small screens. Etc.. And then the most basic thing just doesn’t work. Wi-Fi, wireless networking is unavailable. WHAT THE HELL?? I know this only happens with some netbooks and hardware combinations but still – it is called a NETbook. This is a OS for NETbooks. This bug has been posted again and again on MeeGoo forums and nothing changes. What the fuck guys!

This is worse that like if a half of your keyboard stopped working. Yeah, you know this is a great OS just keys from Q to P don’t work. Yeah, it’s been like that for a year or so. In the mean time we published 1.0 and 1.1 version and yeah we know, the Q to P keys still don’t work. But what the hell. WHAT THE HELL??? And even when I went through all the trouble of setting up my wi.fi on MeeGo 1.0. myself the darn thing didn’t update. Updates are ready, install… … .. … .. . . … . .nothing. So I installed the new version 1.1. to catch up and yeah, the wi-fi was gone and I am mad as hell just installin Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook edition. Which by the way found and connected to my home wifi network even before the installation began. Huh, it can be done?! LOL.

So long MeeGo.

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  1. I thought Meego was gonna be good but as u said, no wifi built in, aw COME ON!!! Crunchbang and Joli OS detect my bcm4312 card without fetching and compiling the STA driver! I never understand why can’t linux distros come with STA pre installed, i mean Crunchbang and Joli OS have it pre installed, why not Ubuntu and Mint????

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